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A new road + review of Hacker Evolution


I haven't posted on Friday, because I came to a conclusion, that my blog is a no-go. It's about everything and nothing thus making it not quite interesting. So, after a massive brainstorm I decided to write short reviews of indie games I find interesting and entertaining. The schedule remains unchanged: Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays + sometimes a bonus on weekends.

Well, to not stay empty-handed, here's a quick review of a game I found today.

The game's called Hacker Evolution and was developed and published by Exosyphen Studios. It's a hacker simulation game with a nice and full of side quests - story. You start as a former intelligence agent, specialized in computer security. Your main objective is to find out who is behind recent events which caused a massive interruption in web traffic. You hack into computers, steal money from bank accounts to upgrade your system and find clues and bits of information.

The graphics are minimalistic. A game, where you mainly use a command-line does not need a fancy layout, eh? Instead you get a nice computer-like interface with a variety of skins to choose from.

The sound is also very minimalistic. A nice ambient in the background, typing and option-choosing sound is everything you will get. That's really enough for a game like this.

The gameplay is very nice. You really get the hacking feeling from it. You even get a chance to edit and write your own code to make programs and needed tools to get what you need. The main screen consists of a brief schematic of your system configuration, a map showing available servers, a command-line and a message box. Everything is almost like in a Hollywood movie with Tom Cruise as the main character or something.

Final thoughts:
I strongly recommend trying this game as it is quite realistic and gives you hours of brainstorming, puzzle solving and gathering information. You can get it on Steam for 9,99€ or in a pack with Hacker Evolution: Untold for 23,99€.

Get it here!

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  1. that looks so cool! what a great idea for a game

  2. this looks really interesting, cool concept

  3. I played an old version of this a long time ago and it was pretty fun.
    Very cool and unique, good review!